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Hirose's Proprietary Technologies

Papermaking Technologies

Papermaking Technologies To respond to varied customer needs, we produce diverse products in smaller lots.
We offer varied formulations including 100% synthetic nonwovens.

We may also provide trial hand-made samples and small-lot trial productions.

Types Short-fourdrinier + cylinder combination
Cylinder yankee
Possible paper width 970-1,670mm
Possible basis weight 4.0-150.0g/㎡

Processing Technologies

Processing Technologies Out processing technology adds various values to our nonwovens and extend their capabilities.

For secondary processing on nonwoven fiber materials of other manufacturers, please feel free to contact us.

Thermal processing Controls base material thickness and surface smoothness.
Chemical processing Adds value by adding chemicals of various characteristics to the base material.
Water-shedding processing
Hydrophilic processing
Concealment improvement (for printing)
Pigmenting (for aqueous solution dipping)
Plastic coating (viscous plastic coating)
Embossing (emboss pattern processing)
High-pressure hot press (high-pressure hot roll crimping)
Linear-pressure press (linear-pressure pressing by metal roll 5)
Laminating (heat-bonding of 2 to 3 pieces)
Possible processing width Up to 1,300mm

Slit Processing Technologies

Slit Processing Technologies We cut our nonwovens into various widths according to the requests of our customers.
Flat cutting is also possible.

For cutting and flat cutting of nonwoven fiber materials of other manufacturers, please feel free to contact us.

Possible slit width 11.5-1,640mm
Possible cutting width 100-1,300mm

Inspection Facilities

Inspection Facilities We have facilities for various inspections of basis weight, thickness and strength required depending on applications.