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Thinnest Tissue Paper Manufacturing Method

Thinnest Tissue Paper Manufacturing Method

Manufacturing Methods

 Hirose renewed Tosa's traditional papermaking techniques from a chemical perspective and created an advanced wetlaid papermaking technology. This technology was used to create the world's first 100% synthetic fiber "vinylon."
The wetlaid papermaking is a technique to make a sheet (paper) by dispersing fibers of several millimeters (5mm) in water and staining them on a metal net.

Manufacturing Methods

General Wetlaid Papermaking

Manufacturing Processes


After beating and the addition of chemicals, raw materials proceed to the wire part of the papermaking process. In the wire part, raw materials are diluted in a lot of water to less than 1% concentration and the paper stock liquid is evenly let out onto the wire from the papermaking machine's head box. In this process, the maximum water content is removed and a paper layer is formed.


After the dehydration process in the wire part, the wet web goes to the press part for further water-squeezing. In the press part, the wet web is laid on a bracket and passes between 2 rotating rolls that are in contact with each other to squeeze water.


The wet web after mechanical water-squeezing in the press part next goes to the dryer part. A yankee dryer is used in this part. The web is dried up by the heat of the yankee dryer while running in contact with its surface.


After the dryer part, the web is wound up by the exist reel of the papermaking machine.

Our Unique Technologies

Our accumulated know-how, techniques and improvement were applied to each of the aforementioned manufacturing stages from material dispersion through to finishing to achieve the thinnest tissue paper (functional paper).

Example Applications

  • 100% polyester nonwoven (basis weight: 4g/m2, thickness: 20μm)
  • 100% polyolefin nonwoven (basis weight: 6g/m2, thickness: 42μm)


In 1987, HIROSE was awarded the 2nd Kochi Local Industry Grand Prize for our "ultra-fine polyester paper for stencil." Realization of 100% polyester ultra-lightweight wetlaid nonwoven of 5g per 1m2 was recognized. Afterward, we further advanced the technology and realized the equivalent thinness (lightweight) also for 100% polyolefin nonwoven.

6g/m2 100% polyolefin nonwoven

6g/m2ポリオレフィン100%不織布 6g/m2ポリオレフィン100%不織布