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Hirose's Nanofiber Nonwovens

New Nanofiber Manufacturing Method

Hirose Paper Mfg established the electrospinning nanofiber manufacturing method that uses no nozzle.

Combined with Hirose's thinnest tissue paper manufacturing method, this revolutionary technology created the "nanofiber overlaid nonwoven."

Overlaying a conventional wetlaid nonwoven layer and a nanofiber layer substantially improves the processability without compromising excellent properties of nanofiber.

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Ultra-Thin Tissue Nonwoven Manufacturing Technology

New Method

In contrast to conventional electrospinning techniques, the new method has the features listed below.

  • As no nozzle is used in this fiber spinning method, the fiber spinning speed does not decrease due to the nozzle clogging.
  • It is easy to increase the fiber spinning area, and thereby increase the spinning volume.
  • The integrated nanofiber spinning part averages the spinning volume and reduces the basis weight fluctuation.
  • As direct nanofiber spinning to base material such as a nonwoven fiber is possible, overlaying on existing nonwoven fibers is easy.

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