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VN is a highly characteristic wetlaid nonwoven made from 100% vinylon, produced by melting and firmly binding the near-insoluble fiber of vinylon with vinylon's readily-soluble fiber binder.

Features High strength
High folding endurance and abrasion resistance
Excellent chemical resistance (alkaline)
Good oil resistance
Corrosion resistance
Excellent thermal resistance
Applications Battery separators
Plywood reinforcement
Civil engineering materials


TH type wetlaid nonwovens are made from 100% polyester. There are 3 HT types: high-density 05TH, low-density 15TH and ultra-density H (hard) type characterized by high dimensional stability and resin impregnation properties. Particularly, the thermal dimensional stability of the high-density type is so superior that the material maintains stable dimensions up to 200℃, which has made the nonwovens appropriate for a wide range of fields including industrial applications.

Features High strength (dry/wet)
Excellent thermal resistance
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent water resistance
Excellent climate resistance
High insulation properties
Suited for printing
Dimensional stability
Applications Food packaging
Insulation materials
Filters (water/oil/air)
Impregnation base cloth
Heat/water resistance, printing paper
Pattern paper and core materials
Other industrial materials
Foundation taping cloth


HOP is wetlaid nonwovens made from 100% polyolefin. There are 2 types of HOP: double-layered 2P type suited for low-temperature sealing and single-layered H type. Sealing temperature is about 110℃ for 2P type and about 140℃ for H type, which may vary depending on conditions.
As no chemicals are used for bonding, these nonwovens are suited for food and medical applications.

Features Heat-sealing property
High electric insulation property
Hydrophobic and oil absorbing properties
Excellent chemical resistance
Suited for thermal forming
Applications Water-proof sheets for medical applications
Processing base paper
Sterilization paper
Sink draining bags
Drying and deodorizer bags


For conventional heat-sealing base paper, cellulosic fibers (pulp and Manila hemp, etc.), wet strength agent and/or PVA are used. EP type is the world's first wetlaid nonwovens with excellent heat-sealing property realized by two 100% synthetic fiber layers: polyester and polypropylene. As no chemicals and PVA are used, they are an ideal food packaging material.
(Patented in 1993)

Features Consistent wet strength
High heat-sealing strength
Consistent strength during boiling
Good shape retention property
Tasteless and odorless
Suited for printing
Applications Coffee filters
Bath agent bags and sachets
Drying agent bags
Broth bags
Other general packing applications


HOS is wetlaid nonwovens developed as a food packaging material. There are 2 types of HOS: 100% polyester type and pulp-polyester P type. As no PVA and chemicals are used, HOS is an ideal food packaging material. The 100% polyester type is also suited for printing, and maintains its strength in both dry and wet conditions; it can be used in boiling water. Either type is suited for heat-sealing.

Features Suited for printing
High dry/wet strength
Heat-sealing property
Can be used for immediate food packing
Applications Food packaging paper