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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

As a pioneer of wetlaid nonwoven, Hirose Group is always looking to give back to society, to try to find common interests with the natural environment and to actively create new values.


We respond to customers' demands in good faith and leave a lasting impression on our customers.


Our employees work together to develop the company into a business with longevity.

Safety & Security

We ensure the safety and security of our products and business activities.


We develop and provide new technologies and new functional materials.


We always work to improve quality with courage and pride.

Environmental Policies

1. Compliance to environmental laws and regulations

We observe applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements we have agreed to, and participate in the environmental conservation promoted by neighboring residents and the local community.

2. Promotion of resource- and energy-saving activities

We promote waste reduction and recycling while reducing resource consumption (water, power, and fossil energy etc.) and take measures to reduce environmental burdens and prevent environmental pollution.

3. Continuous promotion of environmental conservation activities

We set and regularly review environmental conservation goals and objectives. Our achievements thereof and our internal environmental auditing contribute to the continuous improvement of our environmental management system.

4. Promotion of educational activities

We deepen each employee's awareness of environmental issues and educate the employees to take specific actions through employee education/training programs. We also implement internal environmental activity organization, regulations and procedures.

Quality Policies

Without sticking to conventional ideas, we provide products with originality and technical advantage. Also, we put our first priority on being a socially-responsible company. To conform to these policies, we base our operations on the following principles:

1. Development of products with customer advantages realized by unique technologies and functionality
2. Establishment of quality-oriented processes
3. Corporate management fully conscious of the community and environment

Drastic Reform 21

Cost reform, operational reform and awareness raising

HIROSE 5S Actions

Seiri (organization), Sekinin (responsibility), Souzou (creation), Setsuyaku (saving) and Safety