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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Message from the President

First, I would like to express our appreciation for your loyal patronage.
Since our formation, we have operated our business in such a way as to earn the trust of our clients.
We will continue our collective efforts as we move into the future.

Technology-Oriented: Leading Business with Cutting-Edge Technologies
In 1954, our founder, the late Shinji Hirose, succeeded in the joint development of Japan's first wetlaid nonwoven using the synthetic fiber "vinylon" with the polymer chemistry laboratory of Kyoto University, and in 1958 he established Hirose Paper Mfg. based on these research results. The company engaged in joint-development of the separator for alkaline dry cells with a battery manufacturer and became the leading manufacturer in Japan with superior product performance and quality. Since our establishment, we have always sought to develop the world's best technologies and now we have proprietary technology to make the world's thinnest paper (2g/m2; 100% polyolefin fiber). This technology has received acclaim in the global market making us a global company with an overseas sales ratio of over 65%.
We now engage in the development of promising, state-of-the-art nanofiber technologies. In 2007, we developed electrospinning nanofiber forming equipment using our own unique design. In terms of direct application, we are also engaged in the development of a separator for a next-generation lithium-ion secondary battery, high-performance air filters, and medical equipment, etc. for a future technological advancements.

Environmentally- and Human-Friendly Products
We are a manufacturer of intermediate materials and our materials are applied primarily to environmentally-friendly products such as cell separators, filters (for filtration of bacteria, viruses and organisms, and the desalination of water), artificial dialysis filters, printing materials, civil engineering/construction materials and high-performance air filters, etc.

Towards A Sustainable Company
In being a sustainable business operator, we constantly seek to give employers opportunities to manufacture, distributors and sales agencies the opportunities to do sales, customers the enjoyment of using products, and the local region the enjoyment of community.

We are proud to be a Kochi company and we aim to be a global company flying internationally from our base in Kochi. We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Katsutoshi Okada
President & CEO, Hirose Paper Mfg Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Hirose Paper Mfg Co., Ltd.
Established March 1958
Address 529 Hei, Takaoka-cho Tosa-shi KOCHI 781-1103 JAPAN

TEL: +81 88-852-2161
FAX: +81 88-852-6672
139 (as of February 2018)

Manufacturing, processing and sales of (wetlaid) nonwoven primarily for industrial use

Main customers Kuraray Co., Ltd., Sansho Co., Ltd., Shinsei Pulp & Paper Company Limited, Sojitz Corporation, Daiwabo Polytec Co., Ltd., Teijin Limited, Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Japan Vilene Company Limited, and Mitsubishi Corporation, etc.
Main export markets USA, Europe and Asia, etc.


Head Office/Head Plant
○Head Office/Head Plant
Address: 529 Hei, Takaoka-cho Tosa-shi KOCHI 781-1103 JAPAN
TEL: +81 88-852-2161 FAX: +81 88-852-6672
Exceneer Plant
○Exceneer Plant
Address: 3292-1 Otsu, Takaoka-cho Tosa-shi KOCHI 781-1102 JAPAN
TEL: +81 88-852-7771 FAX: +81 88-852-7773
Frontier Plant
○Frontier Plant
Address: 3182 Otsu, Takaoka-cho Tosa-shi KOCHI 781-1102 JAPAN
TEL: +81 88-852-1151 FAX: +81 88-852-6700
Techno Hirose Co.,Ltd.
○Techno Hirose Co.,Ltd.
Address: 277-2 Shimobun, Hidaka-mura Takaoka-gun KOCHI 781-2151 JAPAN
TEL: +81 889-24-5200 FAX: +81 889-24-7019

Hirose Group Organization